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Fashion Traceability Platform

Evidencing integrity in supply chains via Digital Product Passports

Technology has been in our DNA at Lyfcycle since day one.

Through our original app, we gave brands the power to share the journey of their products with their customers through QR codes. 4 years on and the success of our original app inspired us to expand its functionality, aiming to offer transparency and collaboration for all clothing brands worldwide.

This vision led to the birth of ettos in 2023, a powerful digital platform facilitating the entire garment manufacturing process with real-time data, evidence for environmental and ethical claims and the creation of digital product passports.


Trends Fade, Accountability is Forever

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Total Traceability.

Lyfcycle has developed a solution to drive the clothing industry forward in its sustainable journey, each working hand in hand with each other. The ettos platform provides the tools brands need to unlock full supply chain transparency.

You can read more about the solution below.

Textile Traceability Platform

Giving brands the power to trace their products back to source

A purpose-built platform to enable compliant and ethical supply chains. Our platform brings brands and suppliers together to facilitate the tracking of material origin and ESG claims.

With ettos, you can easily monitor ESG claims by having real-time access to evidence, our system gives all parties on the platform one source of truth. By creating digital chains of custody, ettos keeps all parties organised and working efficiently.


Our platform also offers traceability insights, to support brands on their journey to full supply chain transparency.

Digital Product Passports

Giving consumers the power to see where their clothes came from

ettos enables the creation of Digital Product Passports, through scanning unique QR codes, consumers an insight into where and how their clothes were made. This includes sharing what ingredients make up a product, the processes that go into creating recycled materials and visibility of our core supply chain. It's also a tool for informing consumers about their choices when it comes to garment after care and post-consumer recycling.

An opportunity for brands and retailers to engage with consumers and proudly share with consumers the positive changes that they are making within their supply chain.

See the entire product journey

From fibre to store

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Interested in our platform?

Visit the ettos website to learn more about our platform or speak to the sales team.

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