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  • Adriana Romano

BLE...Where big kids meet their childhood heroes

Early October saw us attend our first ever Brand Licensing Europe event and what an event it was. Coming from more traditional manufacturing and direct to retail supply backgrounds, it's safe to say this was somewhat different to other exhibitions we've visited!

First things first, the fun!

Whilst we were there primarily for work, #BLE definitely ensures some fun can be thrown into the mix which makes a refreshing change from other expos we've experienced. As first-timers however, it became clear pretty quickly that we lacked certain skills that you regulars must have refined over years and years of attending... mainly the ability to maintain a straight face and keep focused on a serious meeting whilst the likes of the Teletubbies are casually strolling by in the background. I remain in awe of your professionalism!

The Collaborations

So, moving onto a slightly more professional note now, it was without doubt a positive and productive experience for #Lyfcycle. We networked and networked and then networked some more. For a first time at the show and in fact, our first time integrating into the brand licensing world, we were completely overwhelmed by the overall spirit of collaboration that shone throughout the event. We met some brands that have long been on our radar, from personal hobbies and childhood memories to our favourite sweet treats but we also got introduced to some incredible brands that are amazingly aligned with what we do here. We have every confidence that the new relationships made through BLE will see some great collaborations come to life! So many brands looking to take a step further in their own sustainability journeys which filled us not only with hope that we will be the ones to help them take that step, but with optimism for the future of sustainable apparel.

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