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  • Adriana Romano

C O M I N G . S O O N

This is one announcement we've been eagerly waiting to share with the world! We're driven by the objective of making the clothing industry cleaner, greener and more transparent. It seemed only right that we put the tools out there to make those objectives achievable. So with no further ado, allow us to present the newest Lyfcycle service which we'll be launching before the end of the year!

Mobile App

Our app, designed for consumers, will give brands and retailers a new way to engage directly with their customers to share the history of the clothes that they'e buying. What do we mean by that? We're saying it's not enough to ask who made my clothes, but we also want to create an open platform for brands to share where the materials came from that make up our clothes. Using the app, customers will be able to scan the QR code within their labels, play around with our interactive map and learn about the full lyfcycle of a garment up to point of purchase. Other features include 'After Care': Recycling Tips & Tricks, Brand/Retailer driven incentives to encourage post-consumer recycling & a Contact area that can allow you to react to your customers queries directly.

Traceability Platform

This is designed for us, the brands/retailers and suppliers within the garment manufacturing process. A platform built to track and monitor the recycling of textile waste (Pre-Consumer), to ensure traceability of recycled waste into new fabrics, to evidence integrity in our supply chains via visibility of certificates and accreditations and ultimately to measure our impact. This is the behind the scenes area that powers the mobile app and is jointly populated by Lyfcycle and our partners.

#GoingMobile #Traceability #Transparency

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