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  • Adriana Romano

Planes, Trains and Tuk Tuks?

One of the perks of setting up a company with two bases on different sides of the world means we're never short of opportunities for adventure. Our recent trip to Dhaka didn't disappoint either, lots to see, hear and experience!

Google is always right..isn't it?

Well like any business trip, we set out with a busy itinerary. One morning here, another afternoon there, plans to see this and that. What does differ with a trip to Dhaka unlike a lot of other places is the traffic. I have a tendency to rely on Google way too much, if google says it's only going to take 17mins to get from A to B, it must be right. It became clear very quickly that Google haven't spent enough time analysing Dhaka traffic. Good luck keeping your time there, a 20 minute journey can quite often take 2 hours!

A Mountain of Waste

A visit to the waste dump in Tongi was a real eye-opening (and eye-watering) experience for us. To see kilometres upon kilometres of waste just dumped by the side of the road is something that took some getting used to. Worse again, seeing the numerous women and even children who have seemingly no choice but to try to earn a living by salvaging scraps from that same heap of rubbish. Then the realisation that textile waste makes up so much of that mountain. We had the overwhelming feeling of responsibility, we're all responsible, everyone in the supply chain, whether we are based in Bangladesh or sitting in an office in the UK. If we're involved in the industry, we all have a part to play. Sights like these help to drive us in our journey to make the clothing industry cleaner and greener, to work more responsibly and to implement procedures and practices that make this type of environmental and societal damage a thing of the past.

Pineapple Pizza

We travelled with a long list of things to do, mainly to secure the perfect spot for our Lyfcycle textile recycling plant. Along the way we met up with lots of partners, old and new, to continue building something special. And although we did find the optimal location and enjoyed success in that way, nothing quite matched the satisfaction of introducing several Dhaka based colleagues to Pineapple pizza for the very first time. I mean, is it not just one of the best things ever?

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