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sustainable manufacturing pledge

Our Sustainable Manufacturing Pledge

Everything we manufacture is made with the environment in mind. We take apart every element of a conventional garment and work to improve it. Our promise to you is that we'll do everything we can to improve the sustainability of your clothes whilst reducing the environmental impact of them.

It doesn't start or end here either. We're focused on the bigger picture and how that impacts not only planet but PEOPLE. See what we're doing to maximise our positive impact within our global community below. 


Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Every decision we make takes in to account the Lyfcycle of our garments. Fabric is a huge contributor to the environmental journey of our clothes. Factors such as water usage, durability, and whether it can be recycled or biodegrade are critical considerations for us! That’s why we prioritise using organic, recycled, and natural fibres in all our collections. 

All or our organic and recycled fabrics are GOTS or GRS certified. All of our garments have been Oeko-tex certified and we continuously work with our factories to minimise our carbon footprint. 

There are some amazing fabrics out there and we are constantly discovering and learning more! 

recycled cotton

Recycled Cotton

organic cotton

Organic Cotton

tencel lyocell




recycled polyester

Recycled Polyester

hemp fabric


recycled nylon econyl

Recycled Nylon

organic linen



Our garments are about more than just fabric! That is why we are pushing to make all of our trims and fastenings as sustainable as possible. We use natural and recycled buttons, and all of our labels are made from recycled fabrics!

We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental footprint. This is why we have created our 5 for 25, a set of five pledges we have made to improving our practices by 2025. Check it out here!

Ethically Produced

Lyfcycle is committed to ensuring our factories and workers are supported and treated fairly. We promote fair wages and working conditions, freedom of association and a safe workplace free from discrimination. All of our garments are made in certified factories and meet the standards set out by the Lyfcycle Code of Conduct. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our factories. We make regular visits to our factories and are committed to working together to ensure we represent the very best practices. For more information about our factories and where your clothing comes from, follow its journey using the Lyfcycle App!

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